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QuickByte's "DEEP SUBMIT" Search Engione Optimization process, explained.

To explain QuickByte's successful search engine "Deep Submit" optimization process of placing our clients' websites at or near the top of the search engines through Organic SEO*, we must first explain that there is no such thing as a magic "silver bullet" that will vault you to the top of the search engines... if there was, everyone would know it, they would do it, and it would cease to work because of saturation. Fortunately for you, this is not the case. Instead, success on the Internet comes from doing many "tiny little things" exactly right... and the process is an ever changing science that we keep on top of...to keep our sites on top.

What we have learned, and implement in our search engine placement programs, is real... it is not theory. Most of our procedures, in fact, have been derived from our own experience with very successful web sites and web pages that we have developed for ourselves and our clients -- as well as other processes we employ from other services we subscribe to.

What our "DEEP SUBMIT" process is...and what it isn't.

Our "Deep Submit" process is more that just submitting pages to search engines. A lot more. Before we ever submit a website to the search engines, we first prepare the site to insure that the kind of information that is present on the pages is the kind of information that the search engines are looking for to successfully gain high rankings.

With SE's, what they see is exactly what you get.

Most of what the search engines are looking for is NOT visible in the web browser window. Not even close. When a web page URL is submitted to a search engine, the SE sends out its little "spiders", or robots (sometimes called "bots") to come out to a page and make a copy of it, then the "spider" crawls back to the engine and deposits the contents of the into a database. This is called "indexing".

For example, there is specific HTML code that the "spiders" are looking for that YOU NEVER SEE displayed in a browser. Some of this code is called "Meta Tags". And, although Meta Tags are no "Big Secret" on the Internet (there's lots of info on Meta Tags you can find if you search for it), many sites -- and many webmasters -- are oblivious to their importance...and we find Meta Tags are often times missing entirely from sites that we are asked to submit. So, that's where we start. But, that's only the beginning.

The KEY is the keywords.

The Meta Tags contain Meta Keywords. Keywords are very important. Target the wrong keywords and your efforts will be in vain. Some people achieve a top 10 placement in a major search engine and get plenty of traffic. Others do the same but get nothing. Why? Simple. The first group selected keywords that many people are searching on, and the second did not!

How do we know what the actual keywords people are using to find websites like yours...or your competitors? We will conduct research to determine the actual keywords or key phrases that are actually being used out of roughly 400 million searches over the past 60 days, to find your products and services by prople you want to attract to your website.

There are two ways to select the keywords you use for your campaign. 1.) Guess, and 2.) Do a full keyword analysis. To assist us in completing relevant keyword research on your website, please fill out and submit our SEO questionnaire below.

Complete this SEO questionnaire about your website.

We won't tell you all OUR secrets. But we will give you one FREE secret, in addition to the free Meta Tag/Keyword info, as an example of the detail we go through.  To successfully index a site, it must be error-free and compliant with current and future versions of the HTML language. So, its as important that we run diagnostics on all page code to correct errors in syntax as it is to sure that the site's Meta Tags are present and properly prepared.

Why is this so important? Well, look at this one example. Yahoo alone gets over 200,000 submissions a day. That's ONE search engine in ONE day! So, naturally, with that many submissions the SE engineers and technicians have had to create "filters" that effectively screen out websites that are not indexed properly or contain invalid HTML 4.0 page code that cannot be displayed properly in a majority of the world's web browsers. With millions of submissions a day, the search engines had to draw the line somewhere. Bad code is out. Good code is in. That's ONE free secret.

All together, there are approximately 20 separate "secret" components we prepare, plan for and/or utilize to get a site ready for the QuickByte "Deep Submit" search engine submission process. The process takes us a whole day. And, when we finally submit your website we do it the hard, "old-fashioned" way. We DO NOT "mass" submit sites in the same way you see many services advertise that they will "submit your site to 24 search engines for under $90. We submit each page from the website to each of the "Big Eight" (Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista - Excite/AOL NetFind - HotBot - Infoseek - Lycos - Open Directory Project and Web Crawler!) major search engines one-page-at-a-time, to each search engine one-at-a-time. In our "Deep Submit" process (Oops...I guess that's TWO free SECRETS!).

And, lastly, the search engine submission process isn't the end. We regularly update client's pages to make client page code and Meta Tags current with what the search engines currently allow. And the search engine criterion is changing all the time, just as the search engines are changing. There are new rules, and new search engines every day, just as your company has new information that needs to be updated on the web.

How long before your website reaches top rankings?

That depends on a lot of factors, including the number of websites in your SIC. Last count, the number one SIC was printing companies, with over 13,700,000 listings. If you were a printing company, you would competing with almost 14 million websites for top rankings!

But top rankings are possible, even when you're one in a million...or one in 14 million. But a word of warning...it just doesn't happen overnight. Some of the search engine spiders only go out every 6-8 weeks, so in those instances they won't even know of you until up to two months! According to a recent news article in the Wall Street Journal, titled Web's growth outpaces search engines, it is now taking up to six months to get listed. Again, that's just a warning.

As a QuickByte SEO client, you can expect that your website will begin reach top rankings much faster...and keep steadily moving up the rankings from there!

In fact, one QuickByte SEO Denver, Colorado customer, ABH Press/National Hirschfeld, is in fact a large commercial printing company. And we we're able to skyrocket their SEP to 145 Top 30 rankings within four months!

And now the bottum line...

Our "Deep Submit" process, including keyword research, prices start at $995*** for the initial research, indexing and submission. Updates are done monthly, and are billed quarterly. Typical monthly updates take about an hour and are billed at our hourly rate of $75 per hour as updates are accomplished, and will vary depending on number of pages. We also run Scorechecks** to get an exact accounting of your Search Engine ranking, and supply each client with a detailed, concise report showing their current positions in each search engine, the last postion and the changes. And you have our money-back guarantee**** that our "Deep Submit" process will place you in the Top Ten in the major search engines.

If you really need to be found in the top rankings of the search engines, you're ready for QuickByte's Deep Submit Search Engine Placement. If you're not ready for ourfull-blown "Deep Submit" process, we do have a minimal alternative "Mass Submit" process that we can provide for as little as $65. You can order you search engine placement online by going to our Secure Online Form at https://www.quickbyte.com/order/orderform.html . We will provide you with instructions as to how to supply us with the information we need via email.


*Organic SEO is the opposite of PPC (pay per click) or PPV (pay per view), SE's do not charge for positions earned organically.
**Additional Scorechecks run $10 per page.
***$995 cost is based on a 15 page website
****Guarantee is site will receive placement in the Top Ten in at least two of the major search engines and the Top 30 in at least three of the major SE's within six months. Our experience shows that you will very likely be placed higher than that, and sooner...we just don't guarantee it.

Let's get started. Please give me a FREE SEO Analysis of my web site.

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