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Search Engine Optimization Questonnaire
and Worksheet for SEO Planning

Great! Your ready to increase the performance or your website with our Guaranteed "Deep Submit" Search Engine Placement services. The form below contains all the information we need to map out a successful plan to optimize your website for the Search Engines, including information that will assist us in your keyword research.

Here's our "Top Ten" questions to help get you into the "SE's Top Ten":

1. Your contact info:

Your Name

Your Title

Organization Name




State or Province


ZIP or Postal Code




Your Web URL, if none enter NONE

2. Your business info. Describe your marketing strategy for your business.  Tell us about your customers, not company names but by type of business or consumer profile if you have one. 

3. Rank in order of priority the items responsible to the success of business. List the products or services that you provide, a brief 2-10 word description.  Consider products, unique competitive niche, what you are best known for, what you do best, what you want to do more of. 

4.  For each of the items you listed in section 3 above, provide a 2 to 5 word phrase that you might use to search for what you do or want to do on an internet search engine.

5.  Who are your major competitors?  Company name, city and state (province) or the www URL, if you have it.  We will look at their webs to get an idea of how they are ranked by search engines, the degree of optimization of their web and what they are targeting. 

6.  What is the geographic nature of your market?

Check all that apply:  International    National    Regional    Local

Clarify your markets as checked above.  What we are looking for are countries, states or provinces, city names for your market areas for targeting the geography in your keywords and phrases.  For example, if you are selling widgets in New England, what are the target states you cover in New England in rank order?  We are looking for naming priorities for search engines.

7.  Do you have web stats (statistics) on your current web?

Yes  No  

If yes, we would like to receive a copy of your most recent stats or would like to have access to view them online.  Knowing where your web traffic is coming from now will help us to predict what kind of traffic increases are possible from optimization.

8.  Do you have Microsoft Excel?

Yes   No

We will compile our search engine research into Excel format if you have Excel.  Makes analysis easier.  If not, we will email the information to you as a text file.

9.  Do you have a budget for your SEO or web design or redesign project?

Yes   No            Your budget is $

We can tell you what we can do that fits your budget or recommend a strategy.

10.  Enter any other ideas, comments or questions.


The best time to contact you to discuss this information is:


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Search Engine Visibility Statistics Summary

Shown above is a segment from our Summary Report showing the top search engine rankings one of our sites earned.

These reports are a valuable tool in monitoring and maintaining the positions we have earned, and are supplied to every client using our Deep Submit service

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