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Website Design Questionnaire and Worksheet
for new webdesign and website re-design

The first step in website design, or website redesign, is to begin by gathering some items, such as statement of goals and some objects from you. With this basic information we can go about producing a good plan, and developing some good cost estimates.

If you have a current website, you can use this questionnaire to get our feedback regarding what we can do to help you reach your marketing goals. Simply fill out and submit this form, and we'll take it from there.

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Your Web URL, if none enter NONE

1.What are the marketing goals and objectives of the website?

2. What is the desired action you want visitors to generate? Lead generation? Awareness? Education? Direct Sales?

3. Basic research...what is the nature of the audience...what is the "Language" of the audience...what trade publications do they read...what other media do they respond to...what web sites will yours compete with?

4. How do you presently reach your audience?

5. What current advertising and marketing is the company doing? Are digital and analog "assets" are available from their advertising? If so, are these collateral, video, audio, or multimedia-based?

6. How do you intend this content to be re-purposed in other forms presently or subsequently? Or do you want the web to be first source of content, with print material and other media following.

7. What is the Web-life of the Content? What additional media will be developed after your Web version is established, and how should it be implemented in the website?

8. What is the development schedule?

9. What is your budget?

10. What are your hosting server specifications? If unknown, state "Unknown Server Specs". What browsers do you want the content developed for?

These last three questions are actually the most important answers you need before proceeding. You need to know the budget and time frame to not get in over your head with over-design. And you need to know the server capabilities to know what techniques to employ.

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