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Our secure server is located on a physically separate machine, rather than on the same machine as the website server. This ensures that you will receive a truly secure server, instead of merely having secure software added to your website as others do. This also allows for fast updating of secure information.

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Secure Server Questions

Q: What is a secure server?

A: A secure server safeguards your Internet communications by requesting authentication for server access, encrypting private information and protecting the integrity of your data. We use Netscape Commerce Server as our secure server software and a very reliable Linux computer as the hardware.

Q: What is SSL?

A: SSL(Secure Socket Layer), also known as "Netscape" encryption, was developed by Netscape Communications to allow for secure, private Internet communications. For more information on the Netscape Commerce Server and SSL, refer to the The Netscape Unofficial FAQ page.

Q: What is the cost for this service?

A: There is a one time setup fee of $350, with no monthly charges. If you have multilple websites, your additional websites are eligible for the 30% secure server setup discount also.

Q: When can I add the secure server service?

A: The secure server service may be added at the time that you set up your virtual server, or anytime after.

Q: How long does it take to setup the service?

A: It takes 48 hours after application.

Q: What is a digital certificate and do I really need one?

A: A digital certificate establishes a legal relationship between a company and their website. It is necessary to obtain your own digital certificate. However, you may use QuickByte's secure certificate for a substantial cost savings. With certain browsers you may see a warning message stating the certificate does not match your URL, however, the security is always 100% intact.

Q: What if I have four different forms (a credit card transaction form, an order form, a feedback form and another for email) on one secure server, how can I sort them?

A: We offer multiple directories for every domain, so that you may store the information for each form in different directories. This allows for easy sorting, organizing and retrieving.

Q: How Can I get the Secure Server setup added to my website?

A: Just email or call our office at 303-920-5130.