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Now your web site can achieve a top ranking
in the following search engines:

AllTheWeb - Alta Vista - Excite - AOL - HotBot - Google - Lycos
MSN - NBCi - Netscape - Yahoo - Web Crawler

QuickByte® "Deep Submit" process guarantees to place your web site:

  1. in the TOP 10 listings of at least two major search engines and
  2. in the TOP 30 listings of at least three other major search engines

Additionally, we can KEEP your website in these prestigious positions with regularly-scheduled Scorechecks and resubmittals.

You'll see top results like these!

On 6/7/2007 we ran a Scorecheck service to see how our Deep Submit SEO Service for the website we optimized for Flyfishing-Gifts.Com stacked up against over 4 million other fly fishing websites. It's pretty impressive; we showed 244 Top 30 rankings, 169 Top 10 rankings and 60 First Place rankings! Click the link below to see the complete results summary:

Would you like your website to be found in top positions
like Flyfishing-Gifts.Com? You can!

How does our "Deep Submit" guaranteed program put our customers in the Top 10 search engine positions and keep them there? Click here to get a more detailed description of our guarantee...and more.

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Search Engine Visibility Statistics Summary

Shown above is a segment from our Summary Report showing the rankings one of our sites earned in the search engines.

These reports are a valuable tool in monitoring and maintaining the positions we have earned, and are supplied to every client using our Deep Submit service

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