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RECENT WEATHER (on the river):
Daytime high 45-60 degrees
Night time lows 30-40 degrees.
This past weeks= Sunny days, mixed with partially-sunny days

We're presently getting mostly sunny days, and seasonally warm temperatures into the 60s and 70s. The partially sunny days we've been having are bringing out the baetis the Green River is known for. It has been partly cloudy with little rain/snow, but come prepared! Snow showers are always a possibiltiy, and are best combatted with proper attire.

The forecast for through the beginning of April is for partly cloudy with few rain showers followed by some sunny days...perfect fishing weather, and the overcast should bring the baetis out for good dry flies mixed with good midge action!

Oh yes, bring some spf50 sun screen along with your rain gear along just in case. Keeping dry will improve your attitude...and your fishing!


DRESS PROPERLY! Don't foget your wet weather gear. Proper clothing allows you to maintain a good attitude and helps insure that you endure even the most diverse weather situations. To deal with every weather possibility, bring layered clothing to supplement your wet weather gear.

This table shows the Green River average water and air temperature, and also lists typical weather and flyfishing conditions for that time of the year. Click here to link back to our Calendar of Flies page.

January 42 34 Cold air. Cold Water. Quiet. But good flyfishing can be had with midges.
February 40 37 Brrrr! Try flyfishing the first few miles just below dam where water is warmest. Don't forget the handwarmers!
March 41 46 Things start to warm up with spring hatches. Streamers sometimes surprise!
April 42 56 Fish getting more active now as days get longer, but the weather also surprises now! Be prepared...for both bad weather and great flyfishing.
May 45 70 Nice weather, some great flyfishing. Snowpack melting, but BOR started heavy water releases last month in anticipation, so the fish are well acclimated.
June 52 80 Really enjoyable weather, lots of different "bugs" to choose from. If you can't decide, hire a guide...they've figured it out! Usually June gives us a great Cicadas showing...incredible!
July 56 85 "Early to rise" is the word in summer...if you want to get the fish! Evenings are great too!
August 58 84 Take off those waders! Wade wet! Oh, did we mention all those noisy rafters having too much fun?
September 56 70 Indian summer...most beautiful time of year! Thin crowds. Thick fall hatches.
October 54 59 Crisp autumn air. Predatory big Brown Trout fall for some big hatches.
November 49 46 Expect snow in November, but also expect some of the best flyfishing!
December 44 37 Flyfishing still good, but winding down. Good time to stay home and tie flys to give as presents!

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