Green River Streamflows

Flows from Flaming Gorge Dam
March 26, 2012

Flows are currently at 2000 cfs in the am, upping to daily lows of about 3000 cfs, and daily highs about 3200 cfs.

The water temperature is currently at 40 degrees, and is slowly raising as the day temperatures rise.

Water quality rated poor, fair, good or excellent. Currently:
BELOW RED CREEK= Quite stained and currently unfishable; we suggest checking the current status before fishing this section.

A NOTE ABOUT RED CREEK: Rain storms or early spring run-off may cause Red Creek (12 miles downstream from the dam) to flow on occasion, it effects depend on how much flow is occurring into the river-just a little, not bad-a lot, cloudy but usually can be fished with streamers. A heavy flow will cause the lower Green River to run completely red at times and be entirely un-fishable.


News Flash!

There is a proposal by a Colorado developer to divert water 250,000 acre-feet of water from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and a point upstream on the Green River in Wyoming. The developer, Million Conservation Resource Group, proposes a 500-mile pipeline which is drawing a lot of protest from Wyoming and Utah government officials and citizens alike. More news to come on this late-breaking story...


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Utah Streamflows (Realtime) USGS streamflows on many Utah rivers, updated continuously. Does not include all trout streams.

Following are some additional links that give streamflows for many rivers in the Rockies. This information can be especially important during spring runoff season. The numbers won't mean much without some reference point, though. For instance, 4500 CFS is a moderate flow on the Big Horn, but 4500 CFS on the Green River is tougher fishing. Calls to local flyshops is your best bet to find out how fishable or unfishable the river is at its current flow.

Montana Streamflows (Realtime) Updated several times daily via satellite to the Internet. Rivers include the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Flathead, Clarks Fork, Rock Creek, Missouri, Big Hole, Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone and others. Some streams even include current water temperatures.

Colorado Streamflows (Realtime) This new USGS service is not quite as user-friendly as the Montana Streamflows, but it does recap the entire previous week in addition to latest flows.

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