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March 26, 2012. Fishing rated 1 to 10 with one being the worst, ten being incredible. Currently rated=6

The conditions haven't changed much during the past few weeks. But, with spring just around the corner we'll be seeing some Baetis action soon. Not too much yet...but soon!

Streamers seem to be producing best on the river right now. A number of guides are throwing strictly streamers with great success. The Corndog and Playboy patterns are among the best. An unorthodox, but highly successful technique taught to us by a very well-respected Green River guide is fishing a streamer in a dead drift with a BH Wolly Bugger and a nymph dropper. You don't retreive by stripping in the bugger in the normail fashion; you fish it dead drift. The streamer acts as an attractor, and the fish will take the dropper 95% of the time. Very stealthly!

Nymphing is also taking a lot of fish throughout the day, and especially productive are slender baetis imitations, such as RS2s and WD40s. Other popular nymphs working are Zebra Midges and bead head PTs. During the midday periods (when there ain't no wind!) look for dry fly baetis action. Very good patterns remail small para Adams and Thorax Blue Duns, as well as Griffiths Gnat. I like the Griffiths tied with a white or fluorescent pink post for visibiltiy.


This week's "Hot Six Flies":

The flies mentioned below suggest the available trout food and their imitations. Each week I will list the top six flies that were productive from the week before. The danger here is that things change from week to week, so while trends in fly selection can be consistent, keep in mind they do also change with current fishing conditions.

  • Small scuds, olive, gray #18-22
  • Para Adams #18-22, Griffith's Gnat #20-24
  • Glo Bugs, San Juan Worms, pale orange, pink, red
  • Tungsten Zebra Midges 16-22 black, red, gray, brown, RS2's and WD 40's grey, olive or wine #18-24 as droppers
  • Attractors in 8-12 sizes, such as Rio Grande Trudes, etc.
  • Streamers #8-10, including Corndog, Playboy, Wollys, etc.


We do an overnight float each summer and have our best success with a local Green River pattern known as a "Chernobyl Ant", pictured here, fished about 6 inches from shore. This pattern is great to use starting in Spring.

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OC HeavyHere's a "hot" fly for the Green, according to a visitor to the Green. He calls it the OC Heavy (due to the tungsten). I guess its a variation of a WD-40, but with a mylar wing case (kinda hard to see in this desktop scan), and a tungsten bead. Easy to tie, yet very effective on the Green. Here's how to tie it:

Size 14-18 scud hook
Silver tungsten bead head
Tie wood duck feather fibers (grizzly colored as tail)
Body--grey muscrat
Ribbing (optional)-fine silver wire
Thorax--Grey muscrat, with small strip of mylar on top as wing case.
Thanx to Sean O'Connor, Costa Mesa, CA.!


FLIES Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Midges: pupa, emergers, Griffith's Gnat Fish Fish Fish Fish           Fish Fish
Scuds: gray, orange, olive, pink, tan   Fish Fish Fish       Fish Fish
Cranefly larvae   Fish Fish Fish Fish              
Baetis: Adams, Blue Dun, Blue Wing Olive     Fish Fish Fish       Fish Fish Fish  
Nymphs: G.R. Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Prince   Fish Fish Fish Fish       Fish Fish Fish Fish
FLIES Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cicadia         Fish Fish Fish Fish        
Attractors: Humpies, Trudes, Wulffs         Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish    
Pale Morning Dun: PMD, Lt. Cahill           Fish Fish Fish        
Caddis: brown, olive, peacock           Fish Fish Fish        
Terrestrials: ants, beetles, crickets, hoppers           Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish  
Streamers: Wolly Buggers, Zonkers                 Fish Fish Fish Fish

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