"C" Section of the Green River

The "C" Section of the Green River extends from the Indian Crossing Campground and Boatramp approximately 10 miles downstream to the Lower Swallow Campground and Boatramp.

Butch CassidyYou'll find even less fishing pressure than the "A" or "B" Sections here, and floating by driftboat is a must as there is no trail. This section takes you through historic Brown's Park, one-time hideout for the notorious Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch.

The terrain is quite a bit flatter on the "C" Section, and the fishing is more relaxed. That is, the fish numbers are quite a bit less here. But, when you get into one, watch out! Some the biggest fish caught on the Green River are taken on this stretch.

C Section of Utah's Green River

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