"B" Section of the Green River

The "B" Section of the Green River extends from the Little Hole Day Use Area to the Indian Crossing Campground and Boatramp approximately 9 miles downstream.

Overnighting on the Green RiverYou'll find a hiking trail heading downstream near the boat ramp, but it deteriorates quickly. In a little less than a mile you'll encounter a pretty steep hill to climb, but there is an easier, somewhat longer inland trail around the obstacle.

Again, the best way to experience the Green River is from a drift boat or rubber raft. The "B" Section gets less fishing pressure than the "A" Section, and quite a welcome relief from the throngs of screaming kids in rubber rafts found on the "A" Section during the summer months! Picture at right taken at Grasshopper 1 campground on an August overnight float.

B Section of Utah's Green River

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